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Poinsettias on Display

Every year we purchase poinsettias and Sister's Janice Gillis and Melissa Williams set them up in a beautiful display for the week before and of Christmas. The poinsettias are purchased by members of the church and placed there in memory or honor of family and friends that we hold dear and reflect upon this time of year. We usually display a list of these we love in our bulletin, but, this year, with the pandemic and current conditions we are not able to print a bulletin and distribute it. With that in mind, we will display the list in this blog post and on a separate page in the website. We love being able to celebrate our loved ones and lovingly display these every year. We are thankful that we can still do this despite the challenges of 2020.

Poinsettias lovingly displayed as follows

Agnes & Woody Brantley

In memory of Louella & Cecil Brantley and Charlie & Eddie Clark

Janice Gillis

In memory of parents

Debbie Hamm

In memory of Luna Barnes

Janice McElveen

In memory of Margie and Weldon Robbins

Connie Riner

In memory of parents and Joyce Crumpton

Nancy & Mike Wheless

In memory of those gone before and in honor of family

Melissa Williams

In remembrance of Jack, our parents & my brother Woodrow Clayton Gillis, Jr.

Ben & Stacy Fordham

In memory & honor of James R. Upson, Jr. and Jeff & MaryJane Fordham

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